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TSMC to build a 5nm chip factory in Arizona

TSMC, Taiwan's goose that lays constant golden eggs, is going to build a semiconductor factory in Arizona. Not just any semiconductor factory but a modern one that will make chips based on a 5nm process. It'll start pumping out product in 2024 and will cost US$12b to build. This factory is most likely being built so US government and military partners have peace of mind their supply of fancy microprocessors won't be impacted if China decides to do "something" like invade Taiwan, meddle in supply chains, who the fuck knows.

Facebook purchased Giphy for $400m

Giphy, that stupid thing in Slack you ask for a Simpsons GIF and it always chooses the wrong fucking one absolutely ruining the timing of your joke, now belongs to Facebook. They spent US$400m to buy it and make them part of the Instagram team. For now nothing's changing with how Giphy works but you assume Facebook didn't drop $400m just for business as usual. Apparently there's some antitrust concerns about this purchase, as Facebook could possibly turn off the Giphy API and deny its social media competitors an "important" (I guess reaction GIFs are important) service.

Binge is Foxtel’s latest attempt at an online streaming service

Foxtel's announced yet another online streaming service - Binge. It's basically Kayo (made by the same team, with the same platform), but for drama and movies. It'll have content from HBO, Sony, FX, BBC and whatever random crap Foxtel can get its hands on. Binge starts May 25th and will cost $15/m but they'll probably bundle it up with other News Corp properties (buy a Herald Sun subscription and get Binge for free!!) to suck you in and prop up their legacy crap. I'm glad they're making it somewhat easier to legitimately access HBO content here, but all these streaming service subscriptions can really add up.

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Look at this Windows XP UI CSS framework

Are you a web developer looking to re-create the experience of using Windows XP in a web browser? Check out XP.css - it's a damn accurate rendition of the Windows XP user interface in CSS. Buttons, checkboxes, sliders, dropdown boxes and more are faithfully recreated. Maybe you prefer Windows 98 instead of XP? The same developer has you covered. Here's a small list of other CSS frameworks for retro computer interfaces. BOOTSTRA/386 4 is giving me some severe downloading shareware games off a BBS flashbacks.


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