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ACCC tells NBN and EB Games (separately) to sort their mess out

The ACCC has found that NBN mislead customers connected to TransACT's VDSL2 network in the ACT by sending them letters saying their internet and phones will be cut off if they don't move to the NBN. 20,000 people were told this despite the fact TransACT's network isn't being replaced by the NBN and is actually going to compete with the NBN. It wasn't an oops, once off letter either, it was sent multiple times. Now NBN has to reimburse people who got stung by early termination costs from TransACT and also hook people back up to TransACT's VDSL network if they want to go back. Also in ACCC news, EB has to give people refunds for Fallout 76 because it was a crap game full of bugs. Never deny an angry gamer!

Zuck tries to justify Facebook’s lack of action on Trump’s posts

Mark Zuckerberg held a town hall video conference chat thingy with Facebook's employees to address the Trump issue. It did not go well. He tried to justify ignoring Trump's posts as "just because that was a painful thing to see that that somehow wasn't a good thing to allow on there", using the video of George Floyd's neck getting squashed as an example. However, if the United States saw a "prolonged period of civil unrest" he might change his mind. That didn't sit well with Timothy J. Aveni, who quit his job developing "misinformation transparency" software at Facebook after hearing his boss try to have his cake (suck up to Trump to avoid regulation) and eat it too (accept responsibility for the dumpster fire he created). Hopefully more Facebook employees follow Timothy's lead.

Old-ish news I never mentioned but it’s a slow news day so I’m digging them out

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What’s it like using hearing aids with an iPhone?

I've seen Made for iPhone hearing devices, but not having busted ears myself (for now anyways, a decade of almost 24/7 iPod use will catch up with me) I haven't had ears-on experience with them. Klaus Wirtz has and wrote a nice article about his experience using hearing aids designed to work with an iPhone. You can have phone calls automatically routed to your hearing device instead of the speaker, just like any other audio output device. Same as music, just appears as a normal audio output. It's not perfect (a few small omissions Apple could easily fix) but overall it seems Apple did a great job here.


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