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Beer & milk multi-national Lion (XXXX & Farmers Union Iced Coffee) hit with ransomware

Lion is a massive multi-national drink company selling milk and beer under dozens of brands like XXXX, Tooheys and Dairy Farmers. They got crypto'd on Tuesday morning, shut down all their IT systems which meant they also shut down their production plants. To add further insult to injury, they put the wrong phone number on their ordering portal which led to Cybersecurity consultancy Cliffside Security receiving over 85 orders for milk and beer. The situation is made additionally spicy due to a Chinese dairy wanting to buy Lion's Australian business, but the government's Foreign Investment Review Board is holding it up. I'm sure it's a coincidence.

ARM-based Mac rumours flare up prior to upcoming WWDC

Old mate Mark Gruman is pumping up the announcement of ARM-based Macs at this year's WWDC on June 22nd. As usual with these kinds of things, there's nobody on the record or even any vague pieces of information about what makes this hypothesis somewhat legitimate. The article spends most of its time explaining why ARM based Macs might be good (more performance per watt than Intel's CPUs) and how Apple is uniquely placed to do such a thing (it already designs its own industry-leading ARM CPUs for the iPhone), but no time giving any hints about why it thinks Apple would be doing this now, beyond "people familiar with the plans", that the ARM CPU transition is is codenamed "Kalamata" and Macs using these CPUs would go on sale in 2021.

Intel SGX busted open again, Reddit’s co-founder resigns, Optus to reveal identity of an IP, Germany spends big on EV infrastructure & Facebook News launches in the US

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I got talked out of buying Xiaomi’s new short throw laser projector

I've been tempted to get a Xiaomi short throw laser projector for a while, as compared to a "brand name" (Hisense/LG/Sony) short throw projector because they're stupidly cheap ($2k-$3k instead of $8k-$10k) and can project a 150" image. I bring it up today because Ozbargain highlighted the latest 4K Xiaomi projector on sale at Gearbest for about A$2600 and I was excited, but then watched the excellent HDTVTest YouTube channel review of the projector and decided against it. It looks pretty good overall considering the price, but a fixed 60Hz refresh rate introduces minor tearing when viewing 50Hz content like Australian broadcast TV is a deal breaker for me.


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