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The e-sports and streamer lads are being shitheels towards women again

The e-sports and game streaming industry has been experiencing a moment of reckoning the last few days, with over 70 people (mostly women) going public with sexual abuse and harassment allegations. Unfortunately it's the typical creepy shitbag behavior that's been going on for ages - big shot game streamers harassing the typically less powerful women streamers and the bosses of e-sports teams taking advantage of the women in their teams. One dude called "SayNoToRage" did stuff like "nonconsensual touching, propositioning for sex and harassment, on Twitter using their streamer handles" and has since apologised, but Twitch still kept him around in their Partner program (kinda like a VIP setup for pro streamers). There's a growing movement of streamers planning a 24 hour strike to get Twitch to address the rotten behavior in the industry they're pretty much the king of.

RIP to the Segway Human Transporter, aka Ginger, aka It

The Segway is officially dead. The two wheeled, auto-balancing scooter will no longer be made by Ninebot, who purchased the brand in 2015. Originally introduced in the year 2001 after loads of hype, like people saying cities would be designed around them, the Segway never really took off. Ninebot reckons they were too durable, so people wouldn't buy news ones and the image of Segways never moved beyond weirdo freaks. This story from 2003 of Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos trying out the Segway prior to launch is hilarious. Steve Jobs said "it sucks", that its "shape is not innovative, it's not elegant, it doesn't feel anthropomorphic" and often repeated the phrase "will shit his pants" when referring to how other people will react to the Segway's (then known as "Ginger") innovation

Some recent Aussie tech news that slipped through the net

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ZenCast is a very nice podcast hosting platform made and operated by a Sizzle subscriber

Back when The Sizzle had a podcast (it might come back one day!), I spent ages looking for a nice platform to host it on. After weeks of pure crap I found ZenCast, liked it and plonked down the cash to use it. The owner Kyran, saw my email address, reached out to say hello and that he's a Sizzle subscriber - serendipity! So If you're in the mood to start talking shit into a microphone and sharing it with the world, check out ZenCast. It does pretty much everything you could ever need as a podcast hosting platform and you're supporting a Sizzler!

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