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Elon Musk makes another juvenile promotional product to taunt those who dare doubt him

It's a slow news day due to A) a global pandemic that’s rightfully focusing attention elsewhere and B) the USA celebrating Independence Day - so let's wade into the weird place that is Elon Musk's mind. If you know anything about Elon it's that he loves to whinge about and tease "shorts", people who speculate on a stock's share price shitting the bed. In yet another juvenile escapade, the Tesla online store is selling little red satin shorts branded with S3XY on the arse (Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y - Telsa's current vehicle lineup) for 69 dollars and 420 cents. My eyes cannot roll any further into my head. He then proceeded to taunt the SEC on Twitter, calling them the "Shortseller Enrichment Commission" and saying he'll send them a few pairs.

UK government keeps Starlink competitor OneWeb alive with large investment

The UK government has invested US$500m in OneWeb, a rival to Musky boy's Starlink internet satellite constellation. OneWeb is headquartered in the UK and has already launched 74 satellites, but went broke and declared bankruptcy in the US in March after it couldn't secure funding for more launches. But now that the government has stepped in with more money, the satellite manufacturing capabilities will remain in the UK. There's stories going around (like this one from the Guardian) that the UK mistakenly invested in OneWeb thinking it would be able to leverage OneWeb's technology to build its own GNSS system, due to losing high-level access to Galileo after Brexit.

NBN almost complete with just 100,000 difficult premises left to go

The NBN rollout is almost complete, with just 100,000 premises that have been left in the too-hard basket to connect. 80% of those premises will be plugged in to the NBN by the end of 2020. The remaining 20%, the biggest pain in the arse parts of the NBN I guess, are areas that had fixed wireless planned but NBN couldn't "secure land or support to build new towers" so they're getting a mix of satellite (oof) or FTTC (big improvement!) instead. When that'll happen, this article doesn't say, but you'd be pissed off if you were shunted on to a satellite service! Can you believe the NBN is almost complete? I can't wait to see what happens next with this boondoggle.

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I like this funny Aussie man who fixes iPods on YouTube

DankPods is a YouTube channel YouTube decided to recommend to me and the recommendation was good! Dank Pods is a channel where a funny Aussie guy gets busted iPods and fixes them. The video first recommended to me was this one, where he gets a 6th-gen iPod and uses an adapter from iFlash to insert an mSATA SSD. It's wild someone went to the effort of manufacturing a very slick board that lets you replace the HDD in an iPod with an mSATA SSD of pretty much any size you like. Want 1TB of music in your iPod? You can do it! All of a sudden I want an iPod full of music again, just like in 2002 but unlike 2002 downloading music is a pain in the arse.


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