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UK bans local telcos from using Huawei for building 5G networks

After months of deliberation, the UK has decided to join Australia and the USA in shitlisting Huwaei from building 5G networks. After December 31st network operators can't buy Huawei gear and by 2027 any currently installed Huawei gear in 5G networks will be removed. Huawei customer premises equipment is still allowed (e.g: modems, routers, NTDs) but the UK government is "advising full fiber operators to transition away from purchasing new Huawei equipment" and wireless gear is okay because "the UK has managed Huawei's presence in the UK's fixed access networks since 2005 and we also need to avoid a situation where broadband operators are reliant on a single supplier for their equipment".

App subscription service Google Play Pass is now available in Australia

Google Play Pass is now a thing outside the USA and Australia is included. For $7.99/m or $49.99/yr, Android users will be able to access "hundreds" of apps and games ad-free and without in-app purchases. Five other family members get access to the one subscription too if you set up a "Google Play family group". Play Pass is very similar to Apple Arcade, but it includes non-game apps as well. Some of the games include Stardew Valley, Limbo, Hidden Folks, Mini Metro and more. I can't be stuffed firing up my Android phone to see what the non-game apps available are. There's a one month free trial if you're keen to see what's the deal with Play Pass is go for it.

New laws in the EU aim to balance the power imbalance between app store & developer

The EU passed new laws regarding how app stores (i.e: Apple's App Store & Google's Play Store) treat developers. The operators of the stores will need to provide a minimum 30 days notice before removing an app (with the exception of malicious apps), transparency on how charts and trending lists are generated, mandatory disclosures on any preferential treatment given to specific developers and access to third-party mediation for disputes. This all sounds incredibly fair to me. Apple and Google have grown too powerful in the vendor/developer relationship, making it too easy for the creators of apps to be bullied by these trillion dollar companies. Hopefully Apple and Google decide to make these changes global, not just for the EU. Here's the full text of the law.

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Tips for publishing written content to the internet anonymously

Wanna publish stuff on the internet but don't want to give away your identity? This post has some practical tips on keeping casual passers by in the dark about who you are. Stuff like using a burner laptop you purchased with cash, use Tails OS, don't use a custom domain name, don't use your home internet connection and a few more. The tip "run your articles through multiple translation converters. Edit minor mistakes afterwards. This avoids engines and tools picking up on your writing style" is interesting - I defintely know you could probably pretend to be me based off my writing style, but using Google/Microsoft translate to obfuscate your words is nifty. A more determined individual (e.g: law enforcement, a pissed off multi-national business) might still find out who you are despite following these recommendations, but at least you won't make it easy for them.


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