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Woz sues YouTube for not stopping fake channels impersonating him in cryptocurrency scams

OG-nerd Steve Wozniak is suing YouTube for doing nothing about his image being used in cryptocurrency scams promoted on their platform. Apparently "scammers hijack popular YouTube accounts and change their names so that they appear to be the official accounts of celebrities like Wozniak or companies like Apple. They then broadcast a "live" video showing old footage of the celebrity discussing cryptocurrency or related topics. Alongside the footage is text claiming that if someone sends bitcoin to a particular address, the celebrity would send back double the amount". Woz claims that "YouTube has sophisticated tools for identifying objectionable activity. Yet they don't seem to be taking even obvious steps like filtering out videos that use terms like bitcoin giveaway". Good luck Mr. Wozniak.

Intel has record quarter despite COVID-19 and competition from TSMC & AMD

Going by Intel's Q2 2020 results, reports of their imminent death due to the ARM & AMD 1-2 death strike combo seem to be greatly exaggerated. It was an all-time record quarter for Intel, with 20% more revenue than last year, 43% growth in the datacentre segment, 76% growth in non-volatile RAM and even 7% growth in client side (i.e: consumer stuff) computing - all during a pandemic. It's clear that Intel is more than just CPUs and has a massive suite of products that even if AMD and ARM take a slice of, Intel can still grow. That said, the main disappointment is Intel compounding its cutting edge semiconductor manufacturing lead to TSMC, saying that "7nm-based CPU product timing is shifting approximately six months relative to prior expectations". That means 7nm products from Intel (which to be fair, are arguably more advanced than TSMC's) won't happen until 2023.

US military stops recruiting on Twitch after banning people for calling out US war crimes

The US Army has been using Twitch as a way to reach young people and recruit them. There's Army and Navy esports teams and they play Rainbow Six and Counterstrike with the hope kids will "connect" with the teams and consider the military as a career. Nothing too controversial there, sure, a little gross but they go where the youngins are and the youngins are on Twitch. What went wrong however, was heaps of kids bringing up the very salient topic of war crimes committed by the US military during the streams. The army dudes starting banning people that raised the inconvenient topic of murdering innocent women and children. After copping heat for impinging on the freedom of speech of Twitch users plus being exposed as running fake giveaways for Xboxes that forced entrants to sign up for more military recruitment info, the Army decided to abandon Twitch. Cheeky cunts on Twitch - 1, big tough army dudes - 0.

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Make your own IP KVM with a Raspberry Pi and $20 USB HDMI capture device

Michael Lynch wanted an IP enabled KVM so he can use a computer remotely before it boots into an OS, but didn't want to pay the hundreds of dollars for a commercial solution so he made his own using a Raspberry Pi and a cheap USB HDMI capture device. He calls the kit "TinyPilot" and with all the bits and pieces comes in at under $200. I actually have a USB HDMI capture device on the slow boat from China right now, so whenever it arrives I'll be keen to give this a crack. It's obviously not as good as having a server with LOM/IPMI baked in and can't act as a virtual media device for booting an ISO off, but it's still cool. I wish there were more consumer mainboards that had IPMI built in, or the ability to add-in an optional IPMI board - would be so useful for headless uses.


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