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Trump wants to ban TikTok but is waiting to see if Microsoft buy it first

On Saturday Donald Trump told reporters flying with him on Air Force One that he's seriously considering banning TikTok from operating in the USA. Quite a hypocritical move for a country that loves to shout about freedom of speech, but apparently TikTok somehow enables the Chinese government to access data on US citizens? It's not really clear what beef the USA has with TikTok besides simply being popular and a way for the USA to continue waving their dicks in front of China. A day after Trump dropped that news, Microsoft confirmed it's trying to buy TikTok's USA, Canadian, Australian and NZ business. No coincidence that these are also Five Eyes countries. Dunno why the UK is missing.

Garmin & CIT coughed up millions of dollars in cryptolocker ransoms

A few days ago I wrote about Garmin copping a massive cryptolocker, taking down virtually all points of their business for over a week. It since has been revealed that Garmin paid a US$10m ransom after attempts to restore service failed. Meanwhile, US travel company CIT recently paid a US$4.5m cryptolocker ransom to get its data back. We know this because "the online chat room where the ransom negotiations took place was left online"! The lesson here is that if you have the skills to infiltrate a company with lots of money and poor IT infrastructure, you can get very rich, very quick.

A large load of legitimate technology news

Too much news today that would be crap of me to ignore, so here you go:

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Full map of NBN technologies deployed across Australia

The Australian National Map has been updated with an NBN technology type layer. This means you can now look at a map of Australia and see which areas have what type of internet connection available. Handy for deciding where to live or set up a business. Look for the big patches of dark orange - that's where the good internet (FTTP) lives! It was amusing to me that remote areas like Geraldton in WA, Dubbo, Armidale & Coffs Harbour in NSW and Port Augusta in SA are fully kitted out with sweet, sweet fibre. Darwin is surprisingly flush with FTTP too.


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