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Mozilla says goodbye to 250 employees as they work to find new revenue streams away from Google

Mozilla has sacked 250 people as part of a re-organisation to find new ways of making money that aren't Google search engine referrals. In a blog post, Mozilla's CEO said that the business is now focussed on "products and services that will give people alternatives to conventional Big Tech", like the Lockwise password manager, Send file sharing service, Pocket bookmarking app and a Mozilla branded VPN. I use and enjoy Firefox on all my devices, plus pay for Pocket, but always thought it was hypocritical for Mozilla to go on about privacy yet take money from Google. I really hope they can continue making solid internet-related products people can use with a relatively clean conscience.

Government turns off internet in Belarus during an election, falsely calls it a DDoS

Belarus turned off the internet during their recent election. The government blamed multiple DDoS attacks for "problems with equipment" but internet connectivity tracking group NetBlocks reckons there aren't any signs of huge chunks of traffic entering Belarus lately. The outages "appear to be the result of a brute-force blocking strategy at the network layer, rather than a more refined filtering system at the application layer" like what we've seen in other countries. Some interesting discussion on Hacker News from people trying to communicate with their Belarusian buddies, trying to find ways past the blockags. Unfortunately with so few points of connectivity in a country like Belarus, silencing the internet there is relatively easy.

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Keyboard latency can go to hell

As someone that types for a living, I absolutely can't stand latency between my keypress and the letters appearing on the screen. I type better than I can talk, so like talking, any latency totally kills my flow. Pavel Fatin also hates typing latency and has made a Java app to measure input latency in various text editors. I ran it on my stupidly fast for what I use it for iMac Pro (a glorified typewriter most of the time) with Sublime Text and it tells me the average latency is 10.7ms. Not bad I guess. I tried it again in TextEdit and it was even better at 6.1ms. I don't really know what to do with this information, but the companion article explaining the impact of text input latency on concentration and typing speed was interesting.


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