Issue 1309 - Monday 22nd February, 2021

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The News

Leaked docs reveal Libs knew MTM NBN would cost more than FTTP and they didn't give a damn

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have seen leaked "unredacted documents" from the NBN that "suggest the cost of rolling out a full fibre network to homes and businesses could have been more than $10 billion cheaper than previously claimed by the Coalition". These documents created by the NBN in 2013 were apparently written at the same time the Libs and Malcolm Turnbull were talking shit about the full fibre NBN plan as too expensive and slow to roll out as justification for the current epic shitshow that is the multi-technology mix. Alright, on three.. 1, 2, 3 - "I told you so".

ABC's news app soars in popularity, Facebook return to negotiate according to PM & proof Facebook lies about ad impressions

In the wake of Facebook blocking all Australian news sources on its platform, the ABC's app shot to the top of the iOS App Store as they promoted it ABC website instead of telling people to follow them on Facebook. According to the prime minister, Facebook has "tentatively friended us again" and returned to the negotiating table with media companies to pay them for the privilege of allowing their links on Facebook. Good timing then, for a US court to unredact portions of a lawsuit involving Facebook that claim Facebook knew advertising metrics were inflated and ignored employee requests to fix it.

Kia USA hit hard with a massive $28m cryptolocker ransom that's disabled their ability to sell cars & customer car features

Kia Motors America has been with a DoppelPaymer ransomware cryptolocker that's "has affected their mobile UVO Link apps, phone services, payment systems, owner's portal, and internal sites used by dealerships". Sales of new cars have stopped because dealers can't process paperwork and owners can't use the smartphone control features of their cars (i.e: lock/unlock, pre-heat/cool cabin, etc) because of the ransomware. BleepingComputer saw the ransom note left to Kia by the hackers, who are asking for over 400 BTC (currently over AU$28m) to restore access - a figure which goes up the longer it goes unpaid. God speed to Kia's IT team, I don't wish to be you.

Something I Saw On The Internet

A quick and easy way to disable all the yucky data harvesting Microsoft does in Windows 10

It's no secret that Microsoft shoved a lot of telemetry, advertising tracking and shitty pre-installed apps into Windows 10. WPD (Windows Privacy Dashboard) is a free app that lets you nuke all that bullshit in a single easy to use GUI. Beacuse it uses an official API to do this, there's less chance of features not working when the "optional" stuff is turned off. O&O's ShutUp10 is also free app that's been around a while that does a similar thing. I use WPD on my Windows machines personally, but they're both good. Imagine a world where Microsoft decided to take privacy seriously (or even as a marketing front like Apple) and these kinda apps are not necessary.


The End

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