Issue 1318 - Friday 5th March, 2021

Quick heads up - there will not be a Sizzle sent out on the 8th of March because it's the Labour Day public holiday in Victoria. Next issue will drop on March 9th.

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The News

Telstra opening up eSIM feature to MVNOs

Telstra will be the first network operator to let their MVNOs use the eSIM technology. This means you will soon be able to buy a SIM from someone like Boost, Woolworths Mobile or ALDI and swap it over to an eSIM if you like. It technically means they could also sell you a smartwatch plan, but it's unknown if you'll be able to share a number for the Apple Watch. One of my beefs with the big telcos that operate mobile networks (TPG, Optus & Telstra) is their reluctance to share features with MVNOs. If you want an Apple Watch with LTE, or visual voicemail, you're stuck paying $50+ per month when a $10/m plan from an MVNO would otherwise be fine.

ECG on the Apple Watch is now approved for use in Australia

The feature all you Apple dorks with potentially dodgy tickers have been waiting for - the ECG feature launched in the US back in December 2018 has finally been approved by Australian regulators. This is the feature that can "occasionally check heart rhythms in the background and send a notification if an irregular heart rhythm that appears to be atrial fibrillation (AFib) is identified", then head on over to a doctor for a proper diagnosis. Still don't know when Apple will unlock the feature, but it could happen with watchOS 7.5 - version 7.4 is currently in beta and doesn't mention it, so watchOS 7.5 seems more likely.

Apple copping regulatory heat over how it treats developers in the UK & EU

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority has begun investigating Apple over the amount of control it wields over developers using the App Store. They say the investigation is needed because "complaints from developers focus on the terms that mean they can only distribute their apps to iPhones and iPads via the App Store. These complaints also highlight that certain developers who offer 'in-app' features, add-ons or upgrades are required to use Apple's payment system, rather than an alternative system". Meanwhile, Reuters reckons the EU is about to charge Apple over complaints Spotify made about Apple making it difficult for them to compete against Apple's own music service.

Something I Saw On The Internet

Srsly Risky Biz is like The Sizzle, but for infosec news

Enjoy news and information sent to you on a regular basis via electronic mail? Want to stay on top of what's happening in the shadowy world of computer security? You might like Srsly Risky Biz, an email newsletter from Brett Winterford (who you may know from the Risky Business podcast) that's sent out once a week. It's one of the few email newsletters I read on a regular basis and find it useful to follow the infosec niche - pretty much how you lot use The Sizzle to follow the wider technology scene.


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