Issue 1346 - Monday 19th April, 2021

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The News

Two people die using Autopilot with nobody in the driver's seat

Two Texas blokes, one 59 and the other 69, were burnt to a crisp whilst using a 2019 Tesla Model S in Autopilot mode on the weekend. The police are "100% certain that no one was in the driver seat driving that vehicle at the time of impact", making this accident even more tragic as it should have been obvious to the car's computer there was nobody in the driver's seat and stopped safely. Either these two jokers deliberately made it operate this way (how?!?!) or Autopilot is a dud. Elon's response? A tweet saying Autopilot is 10x safer than the average vehicle... read the room mate, two people just died thanks to your deathtrap.

SpaceX gets contract to supply lunar lander for NASA's Artemis mission

Also in Elon Musk news, SpaceX won the contract to build a lunar lander for NASA's Artemis mission. SpaceX will send a "modified version of its Starship vehicle to lunar orbit. Shortly afterward, a crew of NASA astronauts would launch inside an Orion spacecraft on top of a Space Launch System rocket, both of which were developed by NASA. Orion would rendezvous with Starship in lunar orbit, board the vehicle, and go down to the surface. Starship would then lift off from the lunar surface and link back up with Orion, and the crew would come back to Earth in the smaller capsule". Sounds convoluted, but apparently this is because NASA knows US Congress is too invested in the SLS to abandon it.

Kid Mode in Edge, BoM wants fibre internet for Antarctica, Windows 10 ARM VMs now a thing on M1 Macs, Washington to ban sale of new petrol cars by 2030 & Ingenuity helicopter might fly around Mars tonight

Something I Saw On The Internet

AnonAddy is a great way to set up unique burner email addys

AnonAddy is a slick way to set up multiple email aliases. You can create a unique email address for each service you sign up for (e.g: for one thing, for another), handy if you want to find out who sold out your email address or to decouple your identity as using the same email address everywhere is a pretty easy way to track you across multiple services. The AnonAddy browser plugin makes it a piece of cake to whip up a new random email addy on the fly, then view them all in the AnonAddy dashboard to see which service uses what address and if needed disable the alias so the fuckers stop bothering you.


The End

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