Issue 1356 - Monday 3rd May, 2021

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Victorian government tries to sweeten EV tax deal with $3,000 subsidies

The Victorian government has tried to make amends for its EV tax by introducing a $3,000 subsidy for anyone that buys a new EV in the state under $69,000 (so the Tesla Model 3 SR+ just sneaks in). The subsidy is available for the first 4,000 electric cars purchased from today and is available now, using the same website as the solar panel rebate via Solar Victoria. Also part of the announcement is $19m for charging infrastructure. When, where and how that infrastructure will be made available - that's unknown at this stage. The 2.5c/km annual road usage charge is still happening as of July 1st if the law passes, but this lessens the blow somewhat.

EU agrees with Spotify that Apple has an unfair advantage with Apple Music

Remember Spotify complaining to the EU about Apple's unfair advantages selling Apple Music? Well the preliminary investigation is over and the EU broadly agrees with Spotify that it's unfair to anyone trying to sell a music service on the App Store that Apple takes a 30%/15% cut of any subscription, yet Apple Music is not subject to that rule because they operate the platform. The EU also found that Apple not allowing subscription services to tell users they can sign up for the service outside of the Apple ecosystem for a lower price is also increases pricing for consumers. Apple, obviously, will fight these claims.

NBN technicians go on strike, stick of pay cuts, poor job bookings and pyramid contracting

NBN techs have downed tools to protest pay cuts, poor treatment, issues with job bookings, scheduling and a "pyramid contracting model". Basically there's NBN who pays someone to do work, then that person pays someone else, then that person pays another company who then actually pays the tradie to do the job. Meanwhile, everyone is taking a cut, leaving fuck all for the person in the trenches doing the work. That, coupled with a really crappy booking system (apparently contractors can't move on to a new job until the app closes the previous job, which can sometimes take hours, limiting how much work someone can do in a day) has the CPEU demanding a Senate inquiry.

Something I Saw On The Internet

Tips for the perfect video conferencing setup to impress your co-workers and clients

More people are back in the office these days, but video conferencing will persist, so if you still haven't got your Zoom/Teams game down solid, there's never been a better time to turn Ben Khun's article into your playbook for a sweet looking video chat. In a nutshell: get a proper microphone and open-back headphones, plug in your computer to your router via ethernet, get a 2nd monitor so you can look at notes and shit whilst looking at people on the other screen, get a fuckload of lights going and Zoom has the best audio & video quality of all the video conferencing platforms.


No bargains today because I didn't have time to dig through a full weekend of OzBargain posts. The following image shall explain why:

I hurt my chest in the crash and have been at the doctor's and x-ray joint, then chasing up a hire car so I can get around most of the day. The bargains will be back tomorrow, I promise!

The End

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