Issue 1358 - Wednesday 5th May, 2021

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The News

Officeworks has stopped selling AirTags due to safety concerns

Officeworks has carried out a voluntary recall of Apple's AirTags from stores and online "due to safety concerns, specifically regarding how easy it is for the button-cell battery to be removed by a child". AirTags "will not be stocked by Officeworks until further guidance is provided from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission". Kinda weird that Officeworks has pulled AirTags from shelves, but they're still available to buy JB Hi-Fi, Apple, Harvey Norman and so on, who have just as much to lose if sued.

Signal trolls Facebook & Instagram whilst educating users

Signal, everyone's favourite privacy focused messaging platform, has a new delightfully cheeky blog post. They purchased a bunch of Instagram ads that simply displayed you why the ad you just saw was shown to you. Check out the post for the examples. Very clever and a great way to educate users of the fine grained detail Facebook/Instagram has on you. Unfortunately the ads were taken down almost immediately due to Instagram's policy of no ads with "personal attributes" in them. Amazing how quickly and effectively ads critical of Instagram were removed, funny that.

Trump's social media network goes live but is just a Wordpress blog

Donald Trump was boasting for months he was gonna start his own social media network after getting banned from Facebook and Twitter. Today that "network" has launched - a Wordpress blog with a theme that looks like a Twitter timeline. You know those dolls they give people with dementia so they can feel like they have something to care for? This feels like someone made Trump a fake Twitter so he has a void to yell into. I hope whoever made it at least fleeced him of a few hundred grand for spinning up a Wordpress instance and adding a bookmark to the post page on his iPhone's home screen.

Something I Saw On The Internet

A MiniDisc NetMD web interface, delightful Mac error chimes, Windows has a detailed battery report built-in, LEGO rental service and Microsoft's new default Office font


The End

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