Issue 1375 - Friday 28th May, 2021

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The News

Details of Twitter Blue subscripton service leak

Twitter is launching a US$2.99 in-app purchase called Twitter Blue. Details of the subscription leaked via Apple's App Store ahead of an official Twitter announcement. The features mentioned in the screenshots include the ability to undo tweets, group tweets into collections, a "reader mode" to make viewing long threads easier, changing the app's colour theme and give the app a different colour icon. There might be more to it (you'd fucken hope so), but that's all the info Jane Wong could glean from the App Store before it was all put back to the previous listing. I would happily pay a monthly fee for all my tweets to be automatically deleted once a month.

NBN finally admits copper is a dead end

NBN's CEO has explained in Senate estimates why they're ditching G.Fast (which pro-MTM NBN jerks hyped up as thE fUtURE) and upgrading FTTC connections to full fibre - "when we looked at it, we took the view that we're using G-Fast, there would still be things like copper remediation, there may be still some home wiring in the home, and it was also going to be IT system builds for us and the retailers, and a harder thing for retailers to manage because they'd have to explain what service they were getting. So we concluded that the best return on investment for those customers who wanted more than a 100Mbps was to provide a fibre lead-in". Yet again, here we are saying I told you so. What a waste of everyone's time and the nation's money.

Boring Company starts public testing of Las Vegas tunnel

The Boring Company has kicked off testing its new transportation system in Las Vegas. It was supposed to have multiple "trams" holding 12-16 people funneling up to 4,400 passengers an hour at over 240km/h between various areas of the enormous Las Vegas Convention Centre, but what's operating instead is a tunnel barely wide enough for a few Teslas to move through with a human doing the driving at 65km/h. Slowing things down at the stations include, "drivers have to maneuver around other parked Teslas, people getting in and out, and cars queueing up to reenter the tunnels". Here's video from regular punters testing the system's load capacity. Elon wants to expand this idea to the entire Las Vegas strip and the airport.

Something I Saw On The Internet

Tips for making an audio recording that doesn't hurt people's ears

Looking to start a podcast, teaching remotely, live streaming, or do any sort of audio recording? Do all your potential listeners a favour and watch this video for 10 easy as hell tips that'll make sure you record that sound properly! It's very basic stuff, but if you've never done it before, you probably don't know! Turn off anything noisy in the background, put the mic close to your mouth, get your mic off the desk, if possible record in a small enclosed space with soft surfaces, speak into the correct part of the microphone, and watch the video for the rest of the tips. You can get away with looking like shit if you've got something interesting to say, but if you sound like shit, you've lost your audience immediately, regardless of how smart you are.


The End

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