Issue 1390 - Monday 21st June, 2021

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The News

NSW announces suite of EV incentives

NSW has announced a range of measures worth about $490m to increase the state's take up of electric cars. Starting September 1st, EVs priced below $68,750 will get a $3,000 subsidy (for the first 25,000 privately sold vehicles) and EVs under $78,000 won't be charged stamp duty. On a Tesla Model 3 SR+ for example, this brings the drive away price in metro Sydney down to $62,500. There's also $171m in public charging facilities all over the state to create a comprehensive charging network. The catch however, is the introduction of a road user charge/tax of 2.5c/km in 2027 or when EVs make up 30% of new car sales that'll replace stamp duty. A very smart way to do it, unlike VIC.

Vigilante malware modifies host file of warez downloaders so they can't download more

SophosLabs has discovered a piece of malware floating around the internet they're labeling "Vigilante". It's distributed alongside pirated games and software and when activated, "reports the file name that was executed to an attacker-controlled server, along with the IP address of the victims' computers" and will "modify the victims' computers so they can no longer access and as many as 1,000 other pirate sites". Quite pissweak in terms of malware (usually they're fucking up your computer in return for money or mining crypto on it), but fascinating that it's likely some copyright owner/cartel distributing the malware in a lame attempt to stop piracy.

ACCC's warning that a Voda & TPG merger would increase prices has come true

The ACCC warned us last year that mobile phone plan prices will go up if TPG and Vodafone merge. New analysis they've conducted shows that Telstra, Optus and Vodafone have all raised their prices for both pre-paid and post-paid plans. I guess they did warn us, hey? According to the ACCC "when markets end up with a smaller group of large look-alike players with stable positions, competition is muted and consumers pay more", which is true in the post-paid area - but there's no arguing that the MVNO space is cheaper than ever. I'm paying $89/year for my mobile phone needs! That's less than $8 a month.

Something I Saw On The Internet

Teletext inspired weather station on a Raspberry Pi

Check out this legend's teletext inspired weather channel powered by a Raspberry Pi. It takes a weather feed off the internet, draws the graphics in that chunky "computer" font with bright colours and scrolling headlines, all with some easy listening music playing in the background for a true transportation back to 1991. Plug it in to a CRT for the full effect! Here's a GitHub repo of the script used. If someone is smart enough to change the data source from Environment Canada to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, I would be very impressed.


Amazon's Prime Day sale kicked off this morning and has loads of cheap stuff you may or may not need:

The End

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