Issue 1393 - Thursday 24th June, 2021

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The News

John McAfee killed himself in a Spanish jail cell

John McAfee is dead. He did not die how I thought he would - in a cocaine and meth fueled bender shootout with law enforcement - but suicide in a Spanish jail cell. He was due to be extradited to the USA on tax evasion charges, with the DoJ alleging he didn't file tax returns from 2014 to 2018 despite receiving "considerable income" and for running a pump and dump cryptocurrency scam. Instead of heading home to face the music, old mate topped himself. He was a troll to the end, with an image of the letter Q posted to his Instagram account after he died. Personally, I'm annoyed he backed out of eating his own dick. Coward.

Apple releases white paper to explain why it thinks alternative app stores are a bad idea

Apple has released a white paper defending its decision not to allow alternative app stores or sideloading of apps on iOS devices, as it comes under increasing regulatory pressure to loosen their grip. The white paper puts up the same arguments Apple has been trotting out for years, that the App Store keeps users safe and secure whilst respecting their privacy. Of course, Apple doesn't mention that keeping the App Store as the only way to run apps on iOS devices makes them squillions of dollars, gives them god mode access to customer data they can use to develop new products or services and allows them to set arbitrary rules that benefit Apple and stifle competition. One of Apple's executives even has the balls to say forcing the sideloading apps on iOS "is actually eliminating choice" as it would mean there's no option for people that want a device that doesn't allow sideloading.

US Supreme Court agrees that cheerleader shouldn't have been punished by school for swearing on Snapchat

A school in Pennsylvania punished cheerleader Brandi Levy for swearing on Snapchat and it ended up getting appealed all the way to the Supreme Court, which agreed with the cheerleader today that her suspension from the team was wrong. In its decision, the Supreme Court said that "while public schools may have a special interest in regulating some off-campus student speech, the special interests offered by the school are not sufficient to overcome B.L's interest in free expression in this case". The court also said that her message was posted "outside of school hours and away from the school's campus” and that "B.L. uttered the kind of pure speech to which, were she an adult, the First Amendment would provide strong protection". I guess that's decided then - if you're a yank and you want to mouth off about your school or employer or whatever on the internet, you can't be punished for it as long as you do it outside of hours and at home and it's not a threat.

Something I Saw On The Internet

Windows 2000 was the peak of Windows UI and it's all downhill since

As we prepare our collective rectums for whatever Microsoft is gonna shove up there with Windows 11 tomorrow, How-To Geek reminisces about the glory that was Windows 2000. I personally reckon this is the peak of operating system usability and it's all been downhill since then. Maybe I think that because I was a teenager/young adult Windows 2000 era and everything was new and exciting, but looking at the screenshots now and fucking around with it in a virtual machine for shits and giggles, it really is nice to use. I'm sure 20+ years later it's a pain in the arse for developers who want to make apps and drivers for it, but its minimalism is inspiring.


The End

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