Issue 1395 - Monday 28th June, 2021

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Brilliant game console emulator developer, dies due to Kiwi Farms troll campaign

The creator of what's regarded as the best Super Nintendo emulator, BSNES, as well as Higan, an emulator of over a dozen game consoles, took their own life this morning. Near, as they're known, did this primarily due to the notorious Kiwi Farms troll forum (a site similar to 4chan/8chan seemingly dedicated to harassing people) inecessantly trolling them for no other reason than the fact Near was "different". These absolute pricks saw a weakness and attacked Near for so hard, for so long, that they saw no other option than to kill themselves to make it stop. Whilst it's sad to see a technical genius depart this world far too early, it's even sadder to see the Kiwi Farms hit machine in action.

Windows 11 CPU requirements are pretty hardcore, 8th-gen Intel or newer minimum

After a few days prodding and poking at the Windows 11 preview, a few interesting bits of info regarding compatible hardware has popped up. Microsoft is setting a hard requirement for CPUs that'll support Windows 11 - nothing older than the Ryzen 2000 series or Intel 8th Gen (Coffee Lake) will pass the installer's check. That leaves many otherwise perfectly fine and modern computers out in the cold. Unsure why at this stage. Microsoft also confirmed that TPM 2.0 support is mandatory, which is a bit less ridiculous than the CPUs, but still a bit onerous and will also need Secure Boot enabled. Microsoft's got an app you can download (scroll to the bottom of the page) to check if your PC will support Windows 11 if you're keen.

ACCC recommends keeping kids away from AirTags due to crappy battery lid design

The ACCC is formally advising parents to keep Apple AirTags away from kiddies because they're "concerned that the AirTag's battery compartment could be accessible to young children, and the button battery removed with ease. In addition, the AirTag battery compartment's lid does not always secure fully on closing, and a distinctive sound plays when an AirTag's lid is being closed, suggesting the lid is secure when it may not be". Apple added a warning label to the box, but isn't changing the design just to make the ACCC happy. Officeworks and "several large retailers" are still not selling AirTags due to the child safety concerns. Kinda weird the AirTags aren't safe enough to leave around kids, but are still safe enough to sell - ACCC must not be able to force Apple to do a recall for whatever reason.

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All these deals are on eBay, with the catch you gotta use Afterpay to get the discount:

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