Issue 1401 - Tuesday 6th July, 2021

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REvil want $70m in BTC to release a universal decryptor for their ransomware

REvil, the mob responsible for the latest supply-chain ransomware attack that used Kaseya's software to install cryptolockers in over 1,000 businesses, is demanding US$70m in Bitcoin in exchange for a universal decryptor. This tool would decrypt the files of all their victims, with REvil claiming they've infected over 1 million systems. So if the victims are desperate, they could contact each other, get the $70m together and get their data back. REvil are only offering this because they probably have a newer version of the ransomware they can use and would likely just keep on doing what they're doing even if they got a fat payday.

TPG introduce first standalone 5G service on 700MHz & join Telstra to restack 4G bands

TPG has enabled standalone 5G services on the 700MHz spectrum in parts of Sydney recently. They reckon it's a world first. I didn't know this until now, but there's two types of 5G networks - NSA (non-standalone) and SA (standalone). Every 5G service so far is NSA and is really more like 4G+. SA networks use a different standard (5G New Radio) that's more like the 5G we expect with high bandwidth and low latency. TPG and Telstra also re-stacked their 4G spectrum across some capital cities to give the 1800MHz & 2100MHz an extra 10MHz of bandwidth, for a total of 20MHz. This change eases congestion and has been a 10-20% increase in 4G speeds.

33% of iOS users are opting in to allow apps to track them

In April, Apple rolled out the now infamous feature in iOS that asks users to give permission to apps wanting to track activity across other apps and websites. According to ad-measurement firm Branch Metrics, less than 33% of users opt-in to tracking. A figure wayyyy higher than I expected. A third of people see that prompt and go "yes, I do want this app to track me"?? Why?! The same article also says that advertisers are spending less on iOS due to a "lack of granular data that made mobile ads on iOS devices effective and justified their prices" and have shifted their budgets towards Android users instead.

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