Issue 1430 - Monday 16th August, 2021

In Today's Issue

The News

Apple still explaining its CASM scanning plan to journalists

Apple has given journos a 4th background briefing (which is very unlike Apple, usually they do a single briefing then shut up) about their child sex abuse scanning system and in that briefing said that a device will be pinged for a manual review only if it detects 30 matched images, although "the number could become lower over time as the system improves". Apple also said that it would "hunt only for pictures that have been flagged by clearinghouses in multiple countries" but hasn't named any other clearinghouses except the U.S.-based National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Craig Federighi did a video interview with the Wall Street Journal and admits Apple got the messaging wrong, but still defends Apple's actions.

Big tech's attempt to unify IoT protocols delayed until 2022

Hands up who remembers Matter? Yeah nobody does, it's okay, I'll refresh your memory: Matter is a "unified IP-based connectivity that aims to make a standard universal protocol for developers to build Internet of Things devices". Apple, Google, Amazon and heaps more are part of the alliance and it was supposed to launch around now, but has been delayed until some time in 2022 because "it still needs to continue working on the program in which developers can apply for certification and finish the SDK for developers to use". This means Matter-compatible devices probably won't hit the market in numbers until 2023. Good things come to those who wait - a common standard for all those smart devices will be delightful. The Connectivity Standards Alliance has a blog post with more info on what's going on with Matter.

Bendigo & Adelaide Bank acquire Ferocia, creators of trendy bank Up

The creators of youth/digital/neobank/whatever the hell you want to call it, Up, has been acquired by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank for a lazy $116m. Ferocia is the company responsible for making it and previously they were "underwritten" (i.e: all the boring banking stuff) by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. Now they belong to Bendigo and Adelaide Bank entirely. Ferocia has been working on Bendigo Bank's e-banking app and internet banking platform for the last 9 years so you'd assume that would continue as well. As part of the deal, Ferocia will still be a standalone division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. People seem to really love Up, which is weird as it's a bank, so hopefully they are able to sustain whatever it is about Up that people like.

Something I Saw On The Internet

Now is the perfect time to work 2 remote jobs at the same time

Thanks to the rise of remote work, a movement has popped up with the goal or working multiple full-time remote jobs in order to earn a fat stack of cash then check the fuck out of the rat race. Overemployed is a "community of professionals looking to work two remote jobs, earn extra income, and achieve financial freedom. Be free from office politics and layoffs. Instead, negotiate a severance and invest in your life". Apparently tech is perfect for this kinda thing. You can do a half-arsed job at both that still fits in a regular 40-hour working week and maintain that for months. Because the job industry is so hot, you can probably get hired again at two new places and do the same thing again and nobody would know!


The End

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