Issue 1432 - Wednesday 18th August, 2021

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The News

Twitter letting Aussies, Yanks and South Koreans report misleading content for a month as a test

Twitter is testing the ability for users to report "potentially misleading content" and the good news is that Austraila is one of the countries (alongside the US & South Korea) part of the test. If you see a post spouting shit, you can flag it and Twitter will "analyse the reported data to better understand the origins of misinformation, identify it early, and take action before it snowballs out of control". The definition of misleading content is pretty vague. Fingers crossed they're lenient on shitposts, otherwise I'm gonna get banned pretty quick.

Corellium giving cash to researchers probing Apple's CSAM detection, Apple don't like it

Corellium has launched the "Corellium Open Security Initiative" that'll give researchers $5,000 grants and free use of the Corellium platform for a year to poke around Apple's CSAM detection for flaws. This seems to have upset Apple, who have backed out of the settlement they reached with Corellium just a few days ago and filed an appeal, still alleging they infringed on Apple's copyright with iOS. What a bunch of pissants. This exact scenario of researchers testing the integrity of Apple's on-device CSAM detection is something Craig Federighi encouraged in an interview with the Wall Street Journal this week!

Western Australia is gonna install rapid EV chargers all along their vast coastline

The West Australian government has released a map of where it will fund 45 new electric vehicle charging sites across the state. They'll run approximately every 160km all the way from Esperance, Kalgoorlie, Margaret River and Perth in the south, up to Kununurra, Broome and Karratha in the north. There's a massive chunk of nothing in WA, but they're still gonna be filling in the gaps so EVs can drive along the coast. They'll all be rapid DC chargers, will cost about $21m all up and should all be installed by 2024. This is in addition to the 30 or so chargers ARENA is funding around Perth that'll progressively go live in the next 2 years.

Something I Saw On The Internet

The Digital Transformation Agency sucks and the pandemic amplified their sucking

Marie Johnson has a great opinion piece on Innovation Australia outlining how when we needed them the most, the federal government's Digital Transformation Agency has failed us. This group is supposed to be the spearhead of any government digital initiative but they're missing in action. The DTA could have made a working digital contract tracing app, but we got the dud that is COVIDSafe. They could have made a reliable way for 3rd parties to verify a person's vaccination status, but all we got is a PDF that's easily forged. How about a centralised source of info for outbreaks, vaccination locations, monetary support or border permits? Nah, just keep on writing cheques to consultancies to do low energy ideas thought up by second rate politicians.


The End

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