Issue 1434 - Friday 20th August, 2021

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The News

OnlyFans decides to get rid of porn from site everyone pays money to for porn

Fresh off doing the rounds promoting its safe-for-work iOS and Android app, OnlyFans shot itself in the foot and banned "sexually explicit" content entirely. That's right, the platform making a mint off people exchanging money for porn decided to get rid of the porn as of October 1st. They don't really explain why besides "to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform, and to continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines". If I had to guess, OnlyFans built a brand around the efforts of sex workers, then threw them to the curb when they wanted to "go legit" and get more investors who want the next Patreon or whatever.

Elon Musk reveals plans for a Tesla Bot android to build cars at Tesla's AI Day

This afternoon was AI Day at Tesla - a 3 hour live presentation designed to attract big brained geniuses to work for Tesla on the various AI problems it's working on. After the smart people gave their talks, a bloke in a robot costume got up on stage and danced around to techno music for about a minute. I thought it was another lame Elon joke, but then Elon got on stage and casually dropped the news that Tesla is building an android. Tesla Bot (codenamed Optimus) is a human looking and sized robot that Elon wants to use to build cars. I don't know why, but Elon specifically said that "humans will be able to run away from the robot or overpower it". Anyways, car companies making robots isn't as dumb as it sounds. Honda and Toyota have done it and it's great research.

auDA confirms date for when we can register .au domains

auDA has announced it's gonna let us register .au domains starting 24th March 2022, "bringing Australia in line with most other country code top-level domains including the United Kingdom (.uk), Canada (.ca), the USA (.us) and New Zealand (.nz)". There will be a 6 month priority allocation process to allow existing holders of a .au domain to get first opportunity to register an exact match of their current domains. According to auDA, "anyone with a local connection to Australia (including businesses, associations and individuals) is eligible to register a .au direct name through an auDA accredited registrar". I've never had to prove anything to buy a or, so I figure .au will be the same. Not sure how much it'll cost, but here I come. auDA has a fact sheet about the new namespace if you want more info.

Something I Saw On The Internet

Facebook's Horizon Workrooms is a lame attempt replicate the office our bosses so dearly miss but in VR

It's Friday arvo, most us are in lockdown so we can do with a laugh. I present to you Facebook's Horizon Workrooms (make sure you watch the video). Mark Zuckerberg gave a press conference using this VR platform designed for work. You chuck on an Oculus Quest 2 headset and pretend to be in the office. Looks to me like Second Life, but way more boring. Who sees the cartoon character avatars, the janky animations and goes, "fuck yeah, sign me up, I want in!!!". Who thinks this is something people need in order to collaborate and get work done? Is it purely a generation of nerds who didn't grow up with VR like I did in the 90s and won't realise how dumb it is, despite the technological advances, until they've tried it themselves? More info about Horizon Workrooms is on Facebook's newsroom.


Bunch more stuff in eBay & AfterPay's sale today:

The End

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