Issue 1441 - Tuesday 31st August, 2021

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NBN's new corporate plan lacks forward projections and says its aim now is to "operate commercially"

NBN's 2022 corporate plan is now available. Unlike previous years, this one hasn't got any forward projections for stuff like revenue, earnings, net profit and capex because "since commencing activity in local and global debt capital markets, the company has come under a new suite of obligations and limitations" that limit it to disclosing "only historical information and limited forecast information". Also in the corporate plan is a new statement of expectation from the government, which instructs the NBN to focus on "operating commercially" - which reading between the lines is fattening up the pig for privatisation. A PDF of the corporate plan (and previous plans) is on the NBN website.

China further restricts the hours kids can play online video games

China is going even harder on limiting the time kids can play online games. Previously people under 18 could only play 90 minutes a day and three hours on public holidays. Now Chinese kids will only be allowed online gaming access between 8pm to 9pm on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays - that's it. Tencent (one of the biggest game publishers in China) has a "used a combination of technologies, automatically booting off players after a certain period of time and using real-name registration and facial-recognition technology to limit game play for minors", so this stuff is certainly enforced.

Apple takes over classic streaming music service punters loved, immediately shuts it down

I've never heard of it, but Apple has acquired Primephonic - a streaming service for classical music. Apple plans to use Primephonic's experience to bring "great new classical features to Apple Music" and one day "a dedicated classical experience that will truly be the best in the world". Stiff shit if you're enjoying Primephonic's service now though, as Apple will take it offline on September 7 but isn't going to launch its "dedicated classical music experience" until "the near future". Couldn't they have kept it running until the solution for classical music fans was ready? Apple is giving Primephonic customers 6 months free Apple Music, but I assume if these people wanted Apple Music, they'd already be using it and Apple wouldn't need to purchase Primephonic.

Something I Saw On The Internet

Elizabeth Holmes, Google's chat app graveyard, Toyota's robocar failure, SA EV grants, WA satellite success


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