Issue 1457 - Wednesday 22nd September, 2021

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The News

New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Paperwhite Kids and Paperwhite Signature Edition

Amazon's got some new Kindle Paperwhites, the first update to this popular product since 2018. Bigger e-ink display, slimmer bezels, faster CPU, more even front lighting including a "warm light" option, USB-C charging, longer battery life, IPx8 waterproofing and 8GB of storage. A Kids version of the 2021 Paperwhite is also available, with a durable case built-in because kids are clumsy and ads disabled by default so not to warp the poor children's brains, 2 year "worry free guarantee" and a 1 year Amazon Kids+ subscription. Finally, there's a Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition that includes an auto-brightness sensor and Qi wireless charging for a few extra bucks. Liliputing has a chart comparing the new Kindle lineup.

New Facebook Portal Go and Portal Plus

Facebook has new hardware too - the Portal Go and Portal Plus. They're 10" and 14" displays designed to be idiot proof video calling devices for people suffering Facebook Stockholm syndrome. The Portal Go is battery powered and has a magnetic charging dock and a handle on the back that makes it easy to move around. The Portal Plus isn't portable, but has a bigger screen that can be rotated and tilted depending in what you're doing. Both of em use an ultra-wide lens to "automatically follow whoever is in focus, zooming and panning as they move in and out of the center of the frame" and not only support Messenger and WhatsApp, but work with Zoom, Webex and Teams. There's other stuff on it on it like a calendar, a voice assistant and augmented reality games and shit.

Roblox has starting asking kids to verify their age

Roblox is starting to ask kiddies over the age of 13 to give them a copy of some government issued ID so they can get access to new features. Upload a photo of your ID, then have the Roblox app capture a selfie to check for "liveness" and "likeness". They're kicking things off with a Spacial Voice chat feature that requires proof of age to use. I'm not sure what's so special about spacial voice chat versus the regular voice chat already in Roblox that makes it inappropriate for kids younger than 13, but Roblox says this is important for "age-appropriate communication". Do kids that young even have a way to get government issued ID in Australia? Can't get a learner's permit until you're 16 or a proof of age card until you're almost 18 in Victoria at least.

Something I Saw On The Internet

EV spec sheet showdown: Hyundai Ioniq 5 vs Tesla Model 3

Those following me on Twitter might know that I've got a new gig writing about technology and cars over at Wheels Media. I promise not to spam The Sizzle full of car stuff, but every now and then I'll share stuff because it's something you lot might be interested in - like a story that went live today comparing the Hyundai Ioniq 5 to the Tesla Model 3. In my opinion, these are two best "affordable" EVs on the market in Australia (Porsche's $200,000 Taycan doesn't count). I personally like the Ioniq 5, but the relative (for an EV) bang for buck of the Model 3 SR+ or the big battery and performance on the Model 3 LR make Tesla hard to beat. Fingers crossed Hyundai will give me a chance to drive the Ioniq 5 soon!


The End

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