Issue 1460 - Tuesday 28th September, 2021

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ACCC wants power to make rules for ad-tech services (Google) that abuse their market power

The ACCC is having another crack at Google's dominance in the ad industry, publishing a new report saying that "90% of ad impressions traded via the ad tech supply chain passed through at least one Google service in 2020". This is a Bad Thing according to them, because "in a single transaction, Google can act on behalf of both the advertiser (the buyer) and the publisher (the seller) and operate the ad exchange connecting these two parties" - creating a clear conflict of interest for Google. To combat this, the ACCC is asking government for "the power to develop sector specific rules to apply to those providers of ad tech services that meet pre-defined criteria linked to their market power and/or a strategic position".

Instagram holding off on Kids version of app after WSJ leaks that Faecbook knows it's bad for kids

Instagram is "pausing" development of Instagram Kids - a special version of Instagram for kids under the age of 13. They are "going to take the time to work with parents, policymakers, regulators, experts, to demonstrate why this project is valuable, and how it helps keep teens safe". Just a few days ago Facebook published a response to the Wall Street Journal's article (based on leaks from Facebook management) claiming Facebook knows Instagram is "toxic" to kids, arguing it actually helps kids struggling with mental health issues, not causing it. Oh and Facebook execs are testifying at yet another congressional hearing in a few days about its impact on teen mental health. All these events are all a coincidence, yep.

Google tries to use Apple's success as a reason they abuse market power in EU fine appeal

Google is having a sook to the European Union, saying it's not fair they're getting stung with a 4.34b euro fine for abusing its smartphone market power with Android to solidify its internet search dominance, when Android has a strong competitor in Apple. Google's lawyers said in their appeal to the fine that they are an "exceptional success story of the power of competition in action" and a "vigorous market disrupter". I love bashing Apple as much as the next person, but Google forcing smartphone OEMs to bundle Google apps and make Google the default search engine or have their ability to use Android taken away has nothing to do with Apple.

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