Issue 1468 - Friday 8th October, 2021

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In Today's Issue

The News

Greens want laws to prevent police accessing COVID check-in data for investigations

Can you believe it is still legal for COVID-19 contact tracing check-in data to be used by police, even after incidents in WA, VIC and QLD? The Greens are planning to introduce a bill into Federal Parliament to get a nationwide ban on cops digging up this health data for their investigations, based on research by the Australian Privacy Commissioner saying that leaving this door open for police "undermines" contact tracing. It's debatable how a federal law will impact the data collected by state based check-in apps and as we get enter COVID normal situations, I don't know how much longer contact tracing will be a thing, but at least someone is taking it seriously.

PM reckons platforms are liable for defamation when anonymous users are naughty online

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has weighed in on a recent High Court decision regarding defamation laws online, saying "social media has become a coward's palace where people can go on there, not say who they are, destroy people's lives, and say the most foul and offensive things to people, and do so with impunity" - and went on to say that social media companies not revealing the identities of users turns them into a publisher and "you know what the implications of that means in terms of those issues". This is a nice insight to the government's thinking while the Attorney-General does a review into who is liable for what when someone says something defamatory online. Going by the PM's statement, it's companies like Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook squash browser extension that makes the place more tolerable & bans the creator

Facebook sent a cease and desist letter to Louis Barclay, the maker of a nifty browser extension called Unfollow Everything that unfollows everyone you're friends with automatically so you can rebuild your News Feed to be less shitty. Not wanting to get into an expensive legal fight with one of the world's wealthiest and saltiest companies, he removed Unfollow Everything from the internet. Louis was also banned from Facebook and Instagram permanently. Facebook is totally within their rights to do this, but it sends such a strong message that anyone trying to make Facebook a better place for others by messing with Facebook's dark patterns will be threatened. Total hypocrites.

Something I Saw On The Internet

Firefox is getting ads in the address bar and I don't like it

Firefox has a few feature nobody asked for, called Firefox Suggest. It's "website suggestions in the address bar" that Firefox describes as "a trustworthy guide to the better web, surfacing relevant information and sites to help you accomplish your goals". Sounds innocent enough, but scroll a bit further down and you'll see "for sponsored results, our preferred partner is adMarketplace". Oh, ads in the address bar in Firefox. Has anyone at Mozilla read the room lately? The reason I use Firefox is precisely to avoid shit like this. I can turn it off, but it bothers me Mozillz even thought it was a good idea.

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