Issue 1397 - Wednesday 30th June, 2021

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Apple is "surprised to hear" that developers don't really like the App Store approval process

As part of the ACCC's investigation into Apple's and Google's app stores to see if they're doing consumers and/or developers dirty via their intense market power, Apple sent in a submission of their views regarding its relationship with developers. Amazingly, they said "Apple is surprised to hear that developers have legitimate concerns about their ability to engage with Apple in the app review process in circumstances where the purpose of app review is to ensure the quality of apps on the App Store and Apple invests significant time and resources in engaging with developers directly to work together to achieve that shared goal". What is this, a Netflix comedy standup special?! Apple clearly has their head in the sand, as there isn't a single iOS developer I've spoken to that would agree with Apple's statement.

ASIC on the hunt for group chats promoting ASX pump and dump schemes

The movie Wolf of Wall Street is a prime example of a pump and dump scheme - build a lot of hype around a dog stock you purchased at sweet fuck all, the price goes up, you cash out and suckers are left holding dud shares nobody wants to buy. It's set in the 80s but shit like that still happens today, just on social media and private groups, despite it being totally illegal. ASIC is the Australian regulator of this and has confirmed to the SMH that they've been joining Telegram group chats they suspect of doing pump and dumps and reminding the people there. I mean, the group was literally called "ASX Pump and Dump", so it's like shooting fish in a barrel for ASIC, but good on em tackling the lowest of low hanging fruit.

Magic Leap gets a cash injection and says an updated version of their AR headset is coming soon

I thought Magic Leap was on life support after their thoroughly unimpressive augmented reality goggles launch back in 2018, but they've announced a fresh US$500m investment and plans for a new pair of goggles due for sale next year - the Magic Leap 2. Apparently this new headset is "20% lighter and with a doubled field of view" that's "designed to increase business adoption of AR". If you need a reminder of Magic Leap's first headset, this video is an honest assessment of that first version. Either the Magic Leap mob have something amazing under their sleeves or are blessed with Jedi-level mind control that keeps investors handing over piles of cash with not much to show for it after all these years.

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