Issue 1491 - Thursday 11th November, 2021

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The News

Apple still has to support 3rd party payments on App Store by December 9

Apple has been whinging that adding "links and buttons to external payment options", as it was told to buy the court in its case against Epic, is "exceedingly complicated" and asked the court for an indefinite period of time to make the changes. The judge told em to stop complaining about it as "Apple has provided no credible reason for the Court to believe that the injunction would cause the professed devastation" - i.e: Apple's talking out its arse when it complains about consumer harm by giving them the choice to pay outside the App Store. I love seeing the world's wealthiest company told to get fucked.

Adelaide isn't going to give cops access to facial recognition feature in new CCTV network

Adelaide City Council will ban police from using the facial recognition feature in its upgraded city-wide CCTV network. The council passed a motion saying that they'll get a formal undertanking from SAPOL not to use it, "unless, and until, the parliament of South Australia adopts legislation" that is "consistent with the biometric surveillance, facial recognition and privacy recommendations of the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) and the Law Council of Australia". It doesn't mean SAPOL can't grab a copy of the video and pump it into their own system for analysis, but at least it will prevent real-time facial recognition for the time being.

Big day of miscellaneous news

Something I Saw On The Internet

Cool app to control EV charging based on rooftop solar output

Someone has made an app I figured someone would make eventually - a way to link your home's rooftop solar to an electric car charger and real-time electricity retailers like Amber so you can have total control over the source and price of charging your EV. The app is called Charge HQ, is still in private beta, only works with a limited number of solar inverters and requires a relatively expensive OCPP-enabled EV charger (most domestic ones don't support OCPP), but it's a start! I personally use a Zappi, but the guy who distributes it in Australia is a personal enemy of mine, so I struggle to recommend it because doing so would give him money.


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