Issue 1507 - Friday 3rd December, 2021

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The News

USA joins the UK and EU over concern about Nvidia buying Arm

The EU, UK and now the USA don't want Nvidia buying Arm, with the USA's FTC suing Nvidia today to block the acquisition. The FTC reckons the deal would "give one of the largest chip companies control over the computing technology and designs that rival firms rely on to develop their own competing chips" and "alleges that the combined firm would have the means and incentive to stifle innovative next-generation technologies". Something very true, despite Nvidia's constant promises that no such thing would happen. Governments are really shy on these tech mega mergers after years of allowing Facebook and Google to swallow up competitors and now realising that probably wasn't the brightest idea.

Twitter's new privacy policy used by Nazis to erase their hate crimes from public view

It has long been against Twitter's rules to post someone's address, phone number and similar private info. Now they've expanded that policy to include "media of private individuals without the permission of the person(s) depicted". Post a photo of me on Twitter that I didn't give you permission to? I can tell Twitter about it and they'll remove it/sin-bin/ban you. Sounds good in theory, but unfortunately the policy has already been used by "neo-Nazis and far-right activists" to force Twitter into removing evidence of their presence at hate crimes. Be careful what you wish for.

Former employee arrested for Ubiquiti hack & extortion

Remember that big hack Ubiquiti was accused of covering up in around March this year? The Department of Justice has now arrested someone over it and surprise, it was all the actions of a former employee that was extorting Ubiquiti for US$2m! Nickolas Sharp not only stole data from his employer and sent in the anonymous demand for 50 Bitcoin, but also lead the investigation into what went on. When Ubiquiti didn't play along he was the one who leaked to the media about a big hack. He was hiding behind a VPN when doing his dirty business, but "due to a brief internet outage in his home that caused his VPN to stop working", his IP address was revealed and the FBI got him.

Something I Saw On The Internet

Tesla's Cyberwhistle and Cyberquad for Kids are distractions from their own failures

When Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck, they also had a quad bike roll out of the back that also looked like the Cybertruck that they promised they were going to sell. That is yet to materialise, but they have made a mini version for kids. Cyberquad for Kids will cost US$1900 and is made by Radio Flyer, not Tesla. A few days earlier Tesla went to new "are they taking the piss???" heights, selling a US$50 "Cyberwhistle" which Elon announced on Twitter with the comment "blow the whistle on Tesla!". A slap in the face for all the Tesla whistle-blowers over the years who have exposed their ratshit work practices. Tesla has absolutely no shame.

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