Issue 1514 - Tuesday 14th December, 2021

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The News

Say hello to the Australian Data Strategy

Hey look, Australia has a data strategy now. According to the strategy, "data can create new value when shared between different levels of government, and the private and non-government sectors". This strategy largely relies on the Data Availability and Transparency (DAT) Bill that is designed to reduce red-tape so government agencies can "share public sector data between themselves and the private sector for three purposes: service delivery, informing policy, and research and development". They also want to bolster as the "one-stop shop" and create something called Dataplace as "front door" of access to Australian government data.

Apple publishes app for Android users to detect AirTags

Apple finally released a Tracker Detect app for Android. Its purpose is to "look for item trackers that are separated from their owner and are compatible with Apple's Find My network". Essentially if you're near an AirTag for at least 10 minutes that's not yours and has been separated from its owner, this Android app will let you know. It'll also let you play a sound on the tag, scan the tag using the NFC function on your phone and even give instructions on how to take the battery out. On iOS it's all built-in, but Android users can use this app. It's particularly handy for people who might have reason to think they're being stalked, but don't own an iOS device.

COVIDSafe still useful as a one legged bloke in an arse kicking contest

Well, well, well, if it isn't our old friend COVIDSafe! The Health Department has submitted a second report on the operation and effectiveness of COVIDSafe, which revealed it received an algorithm update to handle the Delta variant of COVID-19 by allowing "for close contact between users for as short as one minute to be sent to state and territory health departments, down from the previous 15 minute time limit". Rather embarrassingly, COVIDSafe only found "two potential close contacts since mid-May, despite this period covering the most significant COVID outbreaks in Australia across the entire pandemic". This app has got to be the poster child for government technological ineffectiveness.

Something I Saw On The Internet

MacStories Apple apps of the year

MacStories has posted their list of the best Apple Watch, Mac & iOS apps for 2021:

I used to remember when app reviews were a big thing. I even started a YouTube channel/vodcast (back when vodcasts were a thing, lol) dedicated to app reviews! Don't see them around much these days so it's great work from MacStories to still be putting effort into highlighting the best apps for our pocket computers.


The End

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