Issue 1536 - Monday 31st January, 2022

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The News

Tesla sold a shitload of cars in Australia last year

Tesla has finally revealed official sales numbers for their vehicles in Australia. Instead of doing what everyone else does and giving their data to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, Tesla gave it to the Electric Vehicle Council who then put that info in a press release. 15,054 Model 3s were sold in Australia in 2021. Putting that into perspective - Tesla sold more Model 3s than Toyota sold Camrys. Tesla's numbers are disputed though, with "industry insiders" pointing out that there's a 25% gap between Tesla's reported sales numbers and the amount of new Tesla registrations for 2021.

Microsoft, EFF and 35 US state attorneys general file support for Epic's appeal against Apple

35 US state attorneys general have gone in to bat for Epic in its appeal against a court ruling that "Apple does not have a monopoly with its App Store". It's a very nuanced argument that I don't full grasp, but the state attorneys general reckon that the court should take another look at the "positive and negative effects of Apple's conduct in the context of antitrust law". Microsoft and the Electronic Frontier Foundation also formally supported Epic. Microsoft said that "A broad ruling for Apple could leave little room for a limiting principle to prevent Apple from leveraging its control of iOS to foreclose competition in countless adjacent markets". The EFF said that Apple's "justifications for its restrictive App Store policies do not outweigh the anticompetitive effects of those policies".

ACCC realises people want to know the upload speed of their NBN connection

The ACCC is apparently "concerned at the lack of advertising of upload speeds, for NBN and non-NBN services", and said that "broadband upload speeds have become more important to consumers' broadband experience as consumers have engaged in home based work and study more consistently than has historically been the case". No shit, glad you finally noticed! The ACCC is now reviewing the marketing guidelines for ISPs so that "upload speeds information should be made available to consumers in marketing material". I'm still filthy NBN's "Ultrafast" plans have a pissweak 50mbit upload speed. 100/20 gives 20% of overall bandwidth to uploads. 50/20 gives a whopping 40%, but on 1000/50 it's a meager 5%. Bump 1000/50 to 1000/100 you cowards! I'll even pay an extra $5/m on top of the already outrageously expensive monthly fee.

Something I Saw On The Internet

Heads up for Dropbox & OneDrive Mac users

If like me, you fired up your Apple Macintosh running macOS 12 recently, only to discover that Microsoft's OneDrive cloud sync program absolutely borked your most important files out of nowhere - it's not a bug, it's a feature. Due to Apple depreciating a kernel extension Microsoft (and Dropbox) use to do their thing, the client apps for these file sync services need updates. Due to this change, Microsoft is enabling the (IMHO) stupid Files On-Demand feature by default and can't be disabled. OneDrive from now on will no longer keep a copy of your data on the disk unless you specifically tell it to keep that file there. Do I put up with this change or set up OwnCloud/NextCloud on a cheap VPS???


The End

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