Issue 1540 - Friday 4th February, 2022

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The News

Open App Markets Act could force Apple to allow other app stores

We are inching closer to a world where Apple is forced to allow apps onto iOS devices via some other method than the App Store, thanks to the Open App Markets Act. This proposed US laws has support from both sides of government, passed without much fighting in the committee stage and is now set for a vote in the US Senate. A Senator involved in its creation said that the law will "let people download apps directly from outside companies rather than being forced to go through official app stores". How exciting is that?! Apple is of course, shitting itself and spreading FUD that allowing non-Apple run app stores on the iPhone would "allow malware, scams and data-exploitation to proliferate" - a claim thoroughly debunked by Bruce Schneier.

Nintendo is selling lots of Switches

The Nintendo Switch has hit a fresh milestone - outselling the Wii. So far Nintendo's sold 103.54 million Switches around the world in the 5 years (wow, it's five years already??) compared to the Wii which sold 101.63 million units between 2006 and 2013. Nintendo reckons the Switch is still "mid-cycle" so there's still lots of life in it yet. There's a good chance it'll outsell the original Game Boy (118.69m units) and the Nintendo DS (154.02m). Nintendo also said that Animal Crossing: New Horzions is the best selling console game in Japan of all time. I don't know what you can do with this information, but if it ever comes up in a pub trivia competition you'll be glad you paid your $5 a month for The Sizzle.

Meta tanks harder after market opens

Facebook/Meta's share price shit the bed even harder once trading opened in the US, at one point dropping 25% and wiping US$230b off their market cap. The biggest one-day loss ever by a US company. Meta also confirmed that Apple's App Tracking Transparency would wipe out US$10b of ads sales in 2022. You just love to see it, don't ya? Meta is still worth over US$671b and made a yearly profit of US$40b so it's not like they're going anywhere, but the market decided we've hit peak Facebook and took their gains before things get worse. Alternatively, if you think Meta will rise again and their metaverse play will keep them relevant, now is a great time to put your money where your mouth is.

Something I Saw On The Internet

I wrote something about EVs, RetroNAS is cool & Don't Forget About Microsoft

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