Issue 1582 - Wednesday 6th April, 2022

In Today's Issue

The News

Elon Musk joins Twitters board & Twitter adds an edit button to tweets

Following up from yesterday's news that Elon Musk owns a decent chunk of Twitter shares, he's been appointed to its board and said he's "looking forward to working with Parag & Twitter board to make significant improvements to Twitter in coming months!". The Atlantic has an interesting article about Musk's relationship with Twitter. Unrelated (they've been working on it since last year) - Twitter is adding an edit button. It'll allow you to "fix any typos or errors in a tweet without sacrificing any replies, retweets, or likes it's already accrued". Some people (like Alex Stamos) reckon it'll be abused, but as someone that makes many typos, I like it.

ALP wants to stick sensors on Aus Post vehicles to track mobile phone coverage

If the ALP wins the federal election in a few weeks, it will launch a competitive tender process to find someone to install "mobile signal measurement devices on Australia Post's transport assets, to gather the best information possible". It aims to create a mobile coverage standard (raised by the ACCC last year as something we need) that'll compare telco coverage indepdenently rather than relying on the telcos self-reporting and using different baselines. They'll use that info to spend $400m in upgrades across non-metro areas and fill in blackspots. A noble aim, if they actually win the election.

Plex's new Discovery & Watchlist features are cool and work in Australia

Plex has added a nifty new feature called Discovery. Enter the name of a TV show or movie and it will show you all the streaming platforms or Plex servers available to you where you can watch it - a true universal search. They also added a Watchlist, which syncs across all your devices and displays when something you'd like to watch appears on a Plex server you're connected to, or on a streaming service. I just tried it out on my Nvidia Shield and was delighted to find that Discovery has support for all the Australian streaming services too. I don't know where Plex is sourcing their data from but it works pretty damn well. Lon.TV has a good video showing off how this new feature works.

Something I Saw On The Internet

The Pockit is a little modular computer with magnets

Have you heard of Pockit? They describe it as "a new kind of computer — it's made for the physical world. On top of its powerful, versatile Core, you can attach modular Blocks and interact with the world in your own unique way". This demo video shows off the Pockit quite nicely. The best way I can think to describe it is an Arduino/ESP32/Raspberry Pi, but with a bunch of sensors and accessories that clip together with magnets, along with a relatively easy to use dashboard that lets you program it without necessarily being a programmer. Looks cool, keep an eye on this project.


The End

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