Issue 1588 - Thursday 14th April, 2022

There won't be a Sizzle sent on the 15th, 18th & 25th of April due to public holidays. I will also be taking some time off next week to "touch grass" as the kids say, so from the 19th to 22nd of April my mates Josh & Chris will supply you with your Sizzle fix.

I'll be back on the 26th of April. Enjoy the break, I know I will!

In Today's Issue

The News

Elon Musk fanboys participate in stock pump and dump while their messiah is sued by Twitter investors

A bunch of Elon Musk loving gronks have used the big dog's public speculation that Tesla needs more lithium to carry out some classic stock manipulation. It appears that a prominent dude on "Tesla Twitter" totally made up that Tesla acquired Lithium Corporation, a small Nevada based mining company. 30 minutes and 400 retweets later, $LTUM grew 250% until the original disinformation source removed the tweet. Nice little pump and dump. Totally unrelated - Elon Musk has been sued by Twitter shareholders because he waited too long to disclose his 9.2% stake in the business.

ACCC tells NBN to submit new pricing rules after getting a redacted mess it couldn't publish

NBN is currently working on a new version of the special access undertaking, aka SAU. This is a Very Important Document that outlines what ISPs pay NBN for access to the network. It was written up in 2013 but a new one is needed because the ACCC reckons the current SAU "hasn't operated in the way the ACCC and industry intended" - i.e: prices aren't going down and internet access still costs too much in Australia. NBN submitted a new SAU, but redacted so much of it from public view that the ACCC told them to do it again, because "it is essential for there to be a fully transparent and effective public consultation process, and this requires release of the proposed variation in full". Suck shit NBN.

Toyota's first proper EV, Kia & Hyundai EVs win awards, 55 new EV fast charging stations for Victoria

Bit of EV news around this week. Toyota launched their first proper EV, the bZ4X. It's basically a RAV4 with a battery that's good for around 500km of range. Australia should get the bZ4X early 2023 and it'll probably cost over $65,000. Hyundai's Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 have won some prestigious awards. The Ioniq won 2022 World Car of the Year as judged by 82 international car journos and the EV6 won Wheel's car of the year. Shame they're still almost impossible to buy here. Victoria is getting 55 new 50kW DC fast chargers across regional areas from Evie, thanks to $3m of co-funding from the state government. They'll all be complete by mid-2023.

Something I Saw On The Internet

Logic's latest issue about cloud computing is great Easter long weekend reading material

Every time an issue of Logic magazine is put out into the world, I spend all day thinking about starting my own magazine (again), that's how good it is. The latest issue of Logic centers around the concept of cloud computing and in my humble opinion, is their best issue yet. You can view a list of contents and read one of the feature articles (a great story about agile software development) for free or buy a digital copy of the entire magazine for US$5. Perfect reading material for the long weekend.


The End

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